Christopher Collins

Current Role: Transportation Team Leader at H-E-B Grocery Company
Graduate Year: 2018


What is it Like to Pursue a New Career Path?


What was your motivation or goal that prompted you to research and begin your degree program?

I was originally exploring American University’s Master of Science in Analytics program to further my career in my current industry (grocery retail), however I came across a link to the new Master of Science in Sports Analytics & Management program and was instantly sold on the opportunity to make a career transition into the sports industry. This was a perfect combination of my two passions; sports and numbers.

Please briefly summarize how you would describe the program and your experience thus far to a potential student.

I’m generally not one to call the educational experience exciting, but that has been the case thus far with the Sports Analytics & Management program. You can tell just by the discussion forums that everyone is enthusiastic about the topics and has a genuine interest in the material. The information we cover is relevant and current to what’s happening in the sports industry.

What’s the program’s biggest strength? How has the program exceeded your expectations?

The program’s biggest strength is its curriculum which is designed with the assistance of an advisory council that has an impressive array of experiences in the sports industry.

What made American University the obvious choice as opposed to other higher-education institutions for you?

I could not find another institution that offered a program that specifically addressed the role of analytics in the sports industry. Data-driven decision making has had and is having a significant impact on sports and AU designed a program that focuses on the technological changes in the industry.

Has the program assisted in your current role? If so, what courses did you find most helpful? What are the most valuable skills you learned?

Since this program is the first step in making a career transition, much of the material has not been applicable to my current role or industry.

How did the faculty keep the curriculum current?

The faculty keeps the curriculum current by focusing on and applying the latest trends and information to our discussion forums and course projects.

What trends in the field are you looking forward to applying your skills to?

Hands down — the analytics portion of the degree. I feel this was the primary allure of the program for most of the students. I’m confident in saying that the MSSAM program is arming us with the tools that sports organizations desire out of their employees to be innovative and to win.

What have you gained from the communication with your peers online?

The online experience is way more engaging than any university classroom I’ve sat in before. Whether it’s the discussion forums or the webcam meetings/discussions, it requires 100% of your attention in order to provide meaningful contributions to the class or your group.

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