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Webinar: Sports Entrepreneurship: Licensing and Sponsoring Products and Services

In a recent webinar Q&A session with Online MS in Sports Analytics and Management Program Director Matt Winkler and NFL Players Association Marketing Manager, John Fitzpatrick, the

Sports Industries You Can Work in with an Analytics Degree

Thinking of analytics and sport 10 years ago and the relationship between both would have been an afterthought. However, today it’s the norm in the sports industry. Why is this the case and what impact is analytics having on the... Read Full Article

Ways Analytics are Changing Mobile Technology for Sports

Mobile technology and streaming have become very popular amongst fans/consumers in today’s sport industry and since it’s becoming a huge trend, sport organizations and industry professionals must realize and understand the... Read Full Article

Keeping Up with Sports Analytics and Management

From national sports associations to the Olympics, Matt Winkler’s 20+ years of diverse sports management experience has influenced the impact he’s made to the world of higher education in sports.

Webinar: The Sports Industry Skills Gap

By Matt Winkler, Master’s in Sports Analytics and Management Program Director

Ways Web Analytics are Changing Pro Sports

Professional sport has definitely changed in the last 10 years and the study and use of analytics can be attributed to this.

Sports Analytics and Increasing Fan Engagement

Knowing and understanding fan engagement in today’s sport industry is essential within any sports organization.

2017 Sports Management and Analytics Webinar Series

American University’s School of Professional and Extended Studies will be hosting a series of Webinars with leading experts in sports management and analytics in 2017 that will discuss the career outlook for sports management,... Read Full Article

Advisory Council Plays Crucial Role in American Universitys MS in Sports Analytics and Management Curriculum

Sports and competition go hand in hand, but the competition isn’t contained to the playing field; there’s a lot of competition for sports-related jobs, too.

How Analytics Is Changing Sports

Analytics has become immensely popular in the last decade, especially within the sport industry.

An Open Introduction to the Online Master's in Sports Analytics and Management

As a former sports executive turned sports-education career specialist, I am proud to announce the launch of the new program, the Online Master of Science (MS) in Sports Analytics & Management at American University, with the... Read Full Article

National Master’s in Sports Management Career Projections

As the sports industry booms with innovative technologies that are affecting organizations of all sizes, the needs for professionals in the industry to have relevant knowledge at the forefront of next generation opportunities in... Read Full Article

Masters in Sports Analytics and Management Advisory Council

The online master’s in sports analytics and management faculty is comprised of sports and evaluation professionals with decades of experience who remain current practitioners in the field.