Your Experience

Our online programs bring the essential elements of the American University experience to you through a format that’s convenient, flexible and portable. Just as you would as an on-campus student, you’ll talk about your coursework and current issues with your classmates, ask your instructor questions and turn in assignments, but you’ll do these via email, discussion boards, instant messaging and more.

Find out how the online format eliminates barriers preventing you from advancing your education


BEN WALKER: Learning online's actually great. I work full-time and I have a fairly flexible schedule. So being able to go home after work, decompress, take the dog for a walk, and hop into a class, or get my reading done while I'm on the bike or whatever I'm doing, it's huge.

BEN WALKER: Balancing personal life and grad school when you have a regular 9-to-5 job, being able to interact and complete your assignments at your own pace at any given hour is definitely a plus.

REGINA WONG: There's no right way to get your grad degree. Like, you don't have to be in a classroom for it. I feel like I'm learning so much and collaborating with my teacher and fellow students. I didn't expect that I would make connections with my classmates and teachers that I'm working with online l I am.

BEN WALKER: It's a really supportive environment where we all get to share ideas.

REGINA WONG: We collaborate really well together. It doesn't feel like we're all in different places.


Your Courses

Online courses at American University are as rigorous and challenging as their on-campus counterparts, and taught by the same connected faculty members, influential guest speakers and prominent lecturers. Interaction and communication with your instructor and fellow students are essential components of the programs and your academic success. Course materials may include audio-visual components as well as textbook readings. You can log on whenever you like, but remember to submit your assignments by the deadline.

Your Support

At American University, you’ll be online, not alone. As an online student, you’ll have access to a host of support resources when you need help or guidance, starting with new student orientation to familiarize yourself with the online learning environment. Other services include a 24x7 help desk for technical issues, a student services coordinator, financial aid advisers and more.

Your Faculty

American University is home to some of the most acclaimed scholars and thought leaders in the world. Students learn from award-winning scholars and policy makers, diplomats, authors, artists, filmmakers, attorneys, scientists and journalists. As teachers who are as committed to learning and meaningful change as you are, they have a personal stake in your academic success.

AU faculty members bring their experience into the classroom - and students benefit


VICTORIA JOHANAVICH: Professors at American University are lovely. They are attentive, they are willing to help, and they are focused on your betterhood.

REGINA XIONG: I feel connected to my fellow students and teachers. I don't feel like we're separated through a computer screen. I feel like we're in a classroom, and we collaborate really well together. It doesn't feel like we're all in different places.

BEN WALKER: Every professor is always available. The director of my program an email-- and within 24 hours or less, he's pretty much gotten back to me even if I'm not in his class.

DONNA DOBASH: The program at AU exceeded my expectations, especially in regard to the professors. The class sizes were small, but they were always accessible and always available no matter what kind of questions or concerns or feedback you needed. They were almost-- it was almost like a very personal education experience.


Your Community

Your unique experiences and background add to the geographic and cultural diversity of the American University community. Connect with your fellow classmates through email, chat and discussion boards; discuss issues with your professors; reach out to staff members for support and assistance; and build relationships you’ll appreciate for years to come.

Our community is about more than coursework - it's about camaraderie.


JERRY WALKER: I had taken online classes before and I didn't really know how you're going to blender, or how you're going to mix with people that are in your group. And we all came from different backgrounds, different perspectives. But we actually really gelled very closely together and kind of supported each other. And just communicated with each other and help each other. When somebody was down we were like, "all right, you can do it. Let's go. Let's just keep pushing. We can do this." And that kind of camaraderie that we built was unexpected and was a pleasant surprise, frankly.


Learn more about life as an online student at American University: call us toll-free at 855-725-7614 to speak to an Admissions Adviser, or request more information online.