Graduate Certificate in Project Monitoring and Evaluation

Listen as Carola Weil, Dean of the School of Professional and Extended Studies at American University, identifies the two key benefits of the graduate certificate and describes the School’s ideal student.

CAROLA WEIL: American University has a long tradition of public and international services. Its faculty and students are dedicated to doing well and to doing good. So, you will be joining a team of people and an institution that is vested in your success and in particularly in this field of monitoring and evaluation.

In addition, our location Washington, D.C has allowed us to provide access to the experts in the field. To those with whom you might be working on a day to day basis after completing this certificate. We can give you firsthand access, up close and personal, closeup insights into the actual workings, the sausage making, if you will, of monitoring and evaluation, of better policy and effective programming.

There are two key benefits that I would point to. One is the growing opportunities in the job market. This is an expanding field. And there are more and more positions advertised every day on every website, in every newspaper, in every organization looking for monitoring and evaluation experts.

Secondly, this program gives you a tool kit that you can take with you wherever you go in whichever field you are working. It allows me to learn the fundamentals, the concepts, that can then be applied to any area related to program development. Whether you do this close to home, far away, in a large group complex, or for your own individual projects, you will have the right tools and a kit that you can speak with into whichever field or area you would like to work.

I wished I had the opportunity to study with the faculty that are teaching these courses. They not only are well trained scholars, leaders in their field. They are thought leaders in their field. But they also have real world, practical experience. All of our faculty have both worked in their professions as well as studied the disciplines that underlie those professions.

So you really are getting the best that this field has to offer. But you're not getting it simply from an ivory tower perspective nor are you getting it only from field based, localized, work a day level. You are, in fact, getting the whole picture from these individuals.

When we first conceived of this program, we had in mind two kinds of students. One set of people are those students who are already working in NGOs, who are working in the field, who really bring lots of expertise to relate to the topic. They have been doing monitoring and evaluation at some level already. They may just not know it.

The second group of students are those individuals who are being asked to step up to the plate and become more proficient in monitoring and evaluation. Who are in conditions and in countries where we might not have the same resources of the internet, where you cannot just simply go down the street and ask someone to provide you with the systems. You have to be self-sufficient.

This program provides you with at least a small opportunity to become more self-sufficient, less dependent on the donors and on the enablers who are trying to work with you in developing your own projects. You can take ownership of the projects that you care about.

We’ll Teach You How to Secure Project Funds & Approvals

To meet new standards, organizations demand higher accountability for development-project funds and transparency regarding a program’s results. It’s understood now that you’re more likely to receive future funding if you can demonstrate how a program performs. That’s why employees who have specialized Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) skills are in demand. This key knowledge helps to assess a project or program’s performance and its lasting impact.

In Just 6 Months, You Can Prove Program Performance

It takes just four courses and six to eight months to gain the skills necessary to advance your career in project monitoring and evaluation. Project managers and program evaluators are needed in nearly every professional industry and sector, including the corporate world, government, global development, and the nonprofit sector. The online Graduate Certificate in Project Monitoring and Evaluation from American University provides you with the critical skillset necessary to design and implement program-based Monitoring and Evaluation to make a difference within leading sectors.

Greenlight Your Projects and Your Career

You’ll utilize specialized, in-demand skills to optimize current projects, recommend new programs with confidence, and advance your career either domestically or abroad.

  • Comprehend and create a Logical Framework (Logframe or Results Framework) for improving the planning, implementation, management, monitoring, and evaluation of projects.
  • Assess monitoring plans, performance evaluation designs, impact evaluation designs, and Evaluation Statements of Work (SOW).
  • Examine and demonstrate the use of qualitative and quantitative tools used to collect data for formative and summative evaluations.
  • Appreciate the role of governance, both of self and others, in data and project evaluation.

American Supports Your Quality of Education

When you earn your Graduate Certificate in Project Monitoring and Evaluation from American University, you will master the nuances of the most current M&E methodologies taught by the industry’s top experts, as well as gain access to:

  • Evaluation practitioners with more than 20 years of experience
  • Guest speakers from all over the world
  • Real-world donor experiences
  • Experience with practical application of impact testing and program evaluation
  • An emerging trends perspective on M&E
  • A course environment that encourages practice under the supervision of practitioner faculty
  • Opportunities to design a LogFrame, Evaluation SOW, and a monitoring and evaluation plan

Prepare for Upper Management Roles with a Master’s Degree Option

American University offers a Master of Science in Measurement and Evaluation so you’re prepared to step into analytically demanding roles in upper management. The program consists of just 8 additional courses. Learn more about it here.

Get the Details of the 6-Month Graduate Certificate

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