Make a Difference through M&E – Your Career

The skills acquired within American University’s online Graduate Certificate in Project Monitoring and Evaluation are applicable toward a wide variety of fields, across many industries and sectors. From humanitarian aid, nonprofit work, and disaster relief projects to community development and project management, M&E assesses a project’s performance as well as its lasting impact. Whether you’re backstopping a project or conceptualizing a program, you’ll need targeted M&E knowledge to help make your efforts a success.

As a certificate student at American University, you will have access to all of the same resources as an on-campus student, including the Career Directions Program in the Office of Graduate & Professional Studies. The center provides professional development resources for adult learners and offers a variety of workshops, as well as one-on-one career coaching sessions. Our goal is to ensure you're prepared to apply information to the workplace upon completion of the program.

Job Opportunities in the Field of Project Monitoring & Evaluation

In 2016, a study indicated that there were 1.6 million nonprofit organizations which employed over 11 million people, or 10% of the US workforce.1 There is a significant need for nonprofit managers and leaders who understand the importance of integrating impact analysis in the planning process. However, there is a gap in the market for leaders of nonprofit, development, and philanthropic organizations who command the skills necessary to assess project performance adequately. Graduates of American University's online certificate program have obtained these critical skills in order to enter the workforce in roles such as:

  • Project Monitor
  • Community Development Worker
  • Project Manager
  • Nonprofit Manager
  • Charity Director
  • Program Manager
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist
  • Corporate Sustainability Manager

American University’s online Graduate Certificate in Project Monitoring helps current employees and job seekers gain the expertise essential to manage performance and impact evaluations on projects or programs effectively. You’ll master the experience needed to shape the strategic landscape and direction of these projects or programs based on the tools and methodologies learned throughout the program.

This vital credential, paired with an accredited institution like American University, positions you for advancement both domestically and abroad in careers in monitoring and evaluation.

American University also now offers a Master’s degree to gain the knowledge to lead evaluation efforts and the technical skills needed for analytically demanding roles in upper management. Learn more about the online Master’s of Measurement & Evaluation.

Critical Skills for Employer Needs

Build your career with programs that reflect real-world trends and demands.

Career Services

American University's career center offers the same resources online that are available to our on campus students including:

  • Job search resources
  • Access to the online alumni community
  • Internship resources
  • Scholarship resources
  • Career counseling via telephone

More Project Monitoring & Evaluation Career Resources

Graduated and current students can also network online and upload their resumes directly to prospective employers by making an account at AU Career Web, our online career search tool.

¹Vault Career Intelligence, Industry, “Non Profit Sector Background,” accessed August 21, 2017,


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