MS in Human Resources Analytics and Management Resources

HR Analytics: Challenges and Drivers in an Evidence-Based Business World

In a business environment that is changing at speeds never seen before, many organizations are responding by implementing strategies that apply critical evaluation, leverage real-time data, and cultivate agile decision-making.

MS in Human Resource Analytics and Management Virtual Open House

In a recent webinar, Program Director Dr. Robert D. Stokes, expands on the online MS in Human Resource Analytics and Management (MSHRAM) program.

American University Announces the Launch of Online Master of Science in HR Analytics and Management

The School of Professional & Extended Studies (SPExS) at American University announces its new online graduate degree — a Master of Science in Human Resource Analytics and... Read Full Article

Masters in Human Resource Management Advisory Council

This degree is the result of thorough research into the HR industry and critical guidance of an expert HR advisory council. It was created specifically to address the urgent need today’s HR professionals have to be fluent in... Read Full Article