Keep Pace with Today’s Workplace

From data-driven decision-making to intercultural collaboration, success in the modern workplace requires a whole new set of knowledge and skills.

Prepare with one of the four programs in our Office of Graduate & Professional Studies. Featuring both industry-specific training and the industry-spanning skills you need to thrive right now.

This curriculum model consists of four phases: Core, Electives, Field/Professional, and Capstone.

American University's Professional Studies Experience

A step-by-step introduction to this four-phase curriculum model.


Work with a cohort of students from a variety of backgrounds and gain the broad-based knowledge today’s employers have deemed most important.

Innovation Through New Technologies (PROF 600)

Explore the current and potential impacts of new, emerging, and rapidly evolving technologies on organizations and their operations, across a range of industries and sectors.

Intercultural Communication for Professionals (PROF 610)

Improve intercultural competencies and communication skills, with a focus on aspects of intercultural communication highly relevant to technical experts and managers.

Data-Driven Decision-Making (PROF 660)

Explore quantitative and qualitative tools and methods used to evaluate, present, and communicate data (big and small).

Take one program-specific elective tailored to your industry and career goals.
Gain real-world skills in communication, teamwork, emerging technology and more.
Harness what you’ve learned throughout your program to produce a capstone project.




DONNA DOBASH: I decided to attend the DC experience because it gives me an opportunity to interact with students in person and my professors in person, and it gives an extra added bonus to my education.

BEN WALKER: Getting to put a name to a face is always one of the biggest things. Also, the panel of individuals that we always have is great. They hang out, we get to meet them, we get their business cards. I have multiple contacts over at the Society of Human Resource Management now because of coming to these things. I always learn something either about myself, or I'm saying friends that I've met here at the DCX.

MICHAEL POSE: Being able to interact with other individuals face to face is also never overrated.

REGINA XIONG: If you are feeling like you're not getting the classroom component in your graduate studies because it's all online, this kind of ties everything all together. You've got the online learning, but then you do get the connections face to face.

DONNA DOBASH: I find it to be a refreshing pause as part of the education process, and a way to connect best with students, the faculty, and staff.

REGINA XIONG: Our office visit wasn't directly related to my course of studies. It was still super interesting to learn about DC and the different events that go on.

BEN WALKER: Really open, it's really fun. If you're on the fence about coming to DCX,I would tell you to come. I mean, you get to meet your professors. You get to meet other people that are going through the same thing that you are, and it's a really supportive environment where we all get to share ideas, and we get to work with each other on specific case studies during the DCX.


Every online student has the optional opportunity to visit the 90-acre American University campus in Washington, D.C., for two days of networking and professional development.

Connect with your peers and world-class AU faculty members to explore the boundaries of your chosen field and future career. Attend hands-on professional workshops, presentations, offsite field trips and private events like campus tours, all while experiencing the nation’s capital.



From day one through graduation, you’ll have access to dedicated support in achieving your goals with American University. That includes one-on-one support from your program director, who can provide enrollment guidance and advice to help you plan and develop you career.

Plus, all students have access to our Career Directions Program, which includes online career workshops and career coaching opportunities.

“At American University's innovative Office of Graduate & Professional Studies, students learn the cross-sector, translative skills that employers increasingly demand and that shape future workforces.”

Fred Dust, partner
VIDEO Innovation and Design Firm



How is this different from other master's degree programs?

American University's Office of Graduate & Professional Studies has long provided leading-edge, experiential learning that includes interdisciplinary and hands-on study. Because the rigorous coursework address employers' needs, students are prepared for a seat at the table with leaders and employers. Students graduate with knowledge and skills that can immediately be applied to real-world situations.

Upon graduation, students are ready to join the workforce equipped with these essential tools.


You'll understand how to:

  • Identify and apply frameworks that define culture and intercultural communication
  • Evaluate standards of success, failure, cultural self-determination, and responsibility to protect, as they relate to different cultural systems
  • Evaluate the impact of technology on intercultural communications



You'll be able to:

  • Apply intercultural behavioral skills to foster intercultural understanding in others
  • Demonstrate reflective and critical thinking skills aimed at understanding one's own culture and positionality
  • Develop and apply verbal and nonverbal intercultural communication skills
  • Implement effective strategies to address cultural and ethical scenarios



You'll set yourself apart by being able to:

  • Appreciate the ethical considerations involved when intervening across intercultural/international contexts
  • Demonstrate cultural awareness, openness, and sensitivity toward others

The career-focused nature of American University's online programs means you'll develop flexibility, cross-cultural competence, and collaborative skills essential for success in the 21st-century global knowledge economy.



Explore Programs

Designed in response to a need among employers for highly trained individuals, our newly redeveloped, 30-credit online curriculum prepares students for successful careers in the following specializations:

*Also offered as a 12-credit graduate certificate program that can be completed in 9-15 months


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