Masters in Human Resource Management Advisory Council

Masters in Human Resource Management Advisory Council

Innovation, by definition, can’t wait for standardization.

This degree is the result of thorough research into the HR industry and critical guidance of an expert HR advisory council. It was created specifically to address the urgent need today’s HR professionals have to be fluent in analytics, emergent HR technologies, and complex HR concepts.

American University’s rigorous, 21st-century program courses were created with the HR advisory council’s help so students could stand out in their career goals as executive HR leaders ready to drive organizational growth on day one.

Current HR Trends

It’s a fact that the HR industry is now heavily reliant on technology to interact with employees — a transformation in delivery of services referred to as e-HR. In its 2016 Global Human Capital Trends Survey.1 Deloitte University Press identified technology as a major driver of change in the HR field, and also saw that 24% of high-performing HR organizations used design thinking as part of their development strategy. Further findings reveal that many HR professionals are struggling to perform optimally in their current positions, and lack the skills necessary to advance their careers or organizational growth.

  • 72% of respondents recognized digital HR as an important skill
  • 61% have trouble moving their organization towards self-directed learning
  • Just 9% felt fully ready for digital HR

The demand for smart HR executives who think strategically using a combination of data analytics, human resources, and emerging HR technologies requires a critical change in the way HR professionals manage their roles — a change that higher education hasn’t caught up to, until now.

HR Advisory Council Prepares Future Leaders

American University assembled and collaborated closely with an HR advisory board — a panel of leading HR executives across the US — who identified a serious and consistent skills’ gap in today’s workforce, current HR degree programs, and the rapidly-changing direction of the industry. Under the careful guidance of the HR advisory council, American developed online MS in Human Resource and Analytics Management degree. It was designed specifically with the HR advisory board’s direction to expand human resources’ skills in combination with technological abilities and analytical understanding in today’s professionals. It’s noted that HR experts with this advanced skillset design stronger HR initiatives, improve employee engagement, and create successful strategies.

Meet the HR Advisory Board

The HR advisory council is comprised of leading HR experts who recognize the skills’ gaps between the current workforce and industry trends.

Stan Braverman, ESQ
Stan is an expert in negotiation practices and employment conflict resolution at Braverman Associates, LLC.

Gus Prestera, PhD
Gus is a learning and performance strategist at Prestera FX, Inc.

Beth Muha
Beth is the Assistant Vice President of Human Resources at American University.

Barbara Davidson, PhD
Barbara is the Adjunct Faculty/Consultant/Principal at Villanova University/The Rosen Group/Strategic HR, OE and communications leadership and consulting.

Angela Gillespie, PHR
Angela is the Human Resources Director at the Phillips Collection.

Anita Brady, PhD
Anita is the Manager of Training and OD at Montgomery County Government.

Katie Plankey
Katie is the Division Director of Technical Support at Robert Half Technology.

Frank Viola, MBA
Frank is the Principal and Managing Partner of Management Consultancy.

Keith Bogen, SPHR - SHRM-SCP - MS-HRM / MA-LIR
Keith is in Corporate Human Resources, Recruiting and Immigration at Information Builders.

Frank Bruno, MBA
Frank is the Senior HR Consultant/Adjunct Professor.



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