HLTH 525: Health in the School Environment

Health in the School Environment explores childhood obesity and the overall health status of children from early childhood through higher education. Building on work completed in Lifecycle Nutrition, Health Communication, Nutrition Epidemiology, and Nutrition Education Methods I and II, it will apply the science of nutrition to environments where students learn. It will discuss educational programs to nutrition and health policies that are targeted to improve the overall health and well being of students. Students learn through real-world projects that include writing a paper on how a school menu’s nutrition could be improved, creating a plan for a nutrition education program, and creating an infographic with key facts on an age group’s nutrient and psychological needs.

This course was developed by Dr. Stacey Snelling, who frequently talks with the media on this topic, and is an expert on the Healthy Schools Act and a researcher on its effects.

Course objectives:

  • Analyze and demonstrate scientific knowledge in nutrition, consistent with health recommendations, throughout the lifecycle.
  • Identify and describe the relationship between dietary patterns and chronic disease.
  • Plan a nutrition education program by using all steps of select models and theories and cultural competence.
  • Demonstrate the process of translating research and theoretical nutrition concepts in to practice through an applied project.

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to school-age health
  • Nutrition-related health issues
  • School-based nutrition and health standards
  • School health policies
  • School health programs and initiatives
  • School food services
  • Social determinants and the school health environment
  • Completion of a nutrition needs infographic
  • Planning of a nutrition education program
  • Completion of a paper that analyzes a lunch menu’s food choices and nutrition.

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