HLTH 625: Nutrition Epidemiology & Research Methods

Nutrition Epidemiology & Research Methods will provide you with a basic understanding of statistical methods and study designs used in nutrition research. The class will define nutrition epidemiology and discuss its role in nutrition education. Topics will include statistical methods, major study designs, methods of dietary assessment, interpretation of nutrition data, and critical assessment of the strengths and weakness of nutrition research. Current research studies will be discussed to enhance the understanding of the purpose of nutrition epidemiology as well as its contribution to nutrition education.

In this course, students will:

  • Gain a foundation of the statistical methods used in nutrition research and a basic understanding of their appropriate use.
  • Develop an understanding of dietary assessment methods, collection and use in estimating intakes.
  • Promote familiarity with biomarkers as assessment tools, and expand upon the important considerations when using biomarkers.
  • Encourage an understanding of anthropometric and physical assessment methods.
  • Learn to understand nutrition surveillance, and how nutrition research is translated into policy and practice.
  • Gain opportunities for collaboration and investigation in an online environment.

Course objectives:

  • Assess the use of appropriate study designs in nutrition research.
  • Justify the use of various food intake methods in specific studies.
  • Interpret complex data from studies of nutritional epidemiology.
  • Evaluate the major statistical methods used to analyze data sets.
  • Summarize a research paper, describing strengths and weaknesses and determining if conclusions are supported by the data.

Additional topics covered include an introduction to basic statistics, dietary assessment methods, biomarkers in nutrition epidemiology, translating epidemiology findings, and looking at the future of nutrition epidemiology research.

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