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Master of Science in Nutrition Education Student and Alumni Testimonials

American’s online Master of Science in Nutrition Education program focuses on both theoretical and practical training in the field of nutrition, balancing scientific principles of nutrition with education and program planning for improved nutrition behavior. Graduates walk away with the ability to develop and implement nutrition education programs in a variety of industries, design research studies to analyze the relationship between nutrition and disease, and be able to communicate about nutritional health to the general public. Hear what current students and alumni have to say about their experience in the program.

Willa Jaffe liked that American’s nutrition program goes beyond the numbers.


WILLA JAFFE: The reason I went with AU is because they offered not just a clinical nutrition program, but more of a nutrition meets kind of psychology education program. Which was much more my style. I like talking to people and working with people, and I like science. But I'm more of the communication style of trying to help people, as opposed to totally based by the numbers. And I hadn't heard of that program anywhere else, and that fit exactly what I wanted to do with my future.



Online MSNE Student Blog

T’ara Smith

"Luckily, I found the program for me when I decided to pursue my Master’s in Nutrition Education at American University (AU). It was the perfect choice for me to pursue my passion in health and wellness."

Lindsey Van Wagner

"I have always been very interested in health and nutrition and the online format of the Master’s in Nutrition Education program at American University is ideal for my current lifestyle and occupation."

Carolina Espinel

"Being online, it allowed me to pursue the MS all the way from Ecuador! Additionally, I have been able to work while studying."

Parker Chakales

"After receiving my undergraduate degree in public health, I went on to work in various nonprofit capacities before deciding to get an advanced degree. I have always loved teaching and helping others."

Amy Klassman

"American University’s program really stood out to me because of its strong focus on providing nutrition educators (or future educators) with all of the necessary tools to create and implement nutrition education programs."

Taji Mortazavi

"Maybe you’re here because it’s senior year and you want to look into graduate school opportunities. Maybe you’re unsatisfied with your current career and are looking for a change."

Online MSNE Student Testimonials

"AU offered not just a clinical nutrition program, but more of a nutrition-meets-psychology/education program, which was much more my style."

Willa Jaffe
Current MSNE Student

"The more I talk with people the more I realize just how important nutrition education is. American University is among the best of the best in the arena of nutrition education. I am truly honored and blessed to say that I had the chance to attend this amazing university. I feel as though I am better equipped to face any challenge especially in the nutrition field because of the outstanding professors and curriculum."

Karen Linden
Administrative Support Assistant, Training Coordinator, Analyst

“Another positive aspect to highlight about this program is that the participating students and instructors differ greatly in geographic location and educational background. It was very refreshing to connect with students outside of the realm of nutrition and hear about their opinions on course topics.”

Elise Fawcett
Registered Dietitian

"The program has assisted me in my current role as a long term care dietitian. I feel more comfortable investigating clients’ behavior, how I can assist them with their nutrition goals, and appropriately read new literature and studies published that are tailored to my career."

Courtney Rockwell
Registered Dietitian