Infographic: Job Outlook for Public Administration & Policy

The job outlook for careers in public administration and policy is strong, with higher than average job growth and clearly defined career paths in both government and the nonprofits and private sectors.

The following infographic discusses:

  • Where public policy administrators work
  • The job outlook for public policy administrators
  • What public policy administrators do
  • Networking opportunities for public policy administrators

In addition to a curriculum that will give you critical knowledge in both policy analysis and public administration to advance your career, American University’s School of Public Affairs provides a broad amount of career services for those pursuing a Master of Public Administration and Policy. The advising services, resources and support are offered to students as they progress through their degree and begin thinking about where they may take their next steps in their public administration and public policy careers after graduation.

Check out the infographic to get more detailed statistics on the job outlook for public policy administrators.

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Preview of infographic

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