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Testimonials from American University’s MPAP Students

American’s Master of Public Administration and Policy program combines the core curriculums of our MPA and MPP program which will arm you with the public policy and public administrative expertise to put you at a distinctive competitive advantage across the private, public and nonprofit sectors.

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JERRY WALKER: I had taken online classes before and I didn't really know how you're going to blender, or how you're going to mix with people that are in your group. And we all came from different backgrounds, different perspectives. But we actually really gelled very closely together and kind of supported each other. And just communicated with each other and help each other. When somebody was down we were like, "all right, you can do it. Let's go. Let's just keep pushing. We can do this." And that kind of camaraderie that we built was unexpected and was a pleasant surprise, frankly.


From the real-world experience of the Public Administration and Policy faculty to the close-knit nature of the community, MPAP students find a lot to love about the program.


Online MPAP Student Blog

Will Whitson

"I was glad I had my textbook with me that night. Our class just wrapped up a case study on Hurricane Katrina and how government agencies failed to prepare for the massive natural disaster."

Marissa Brown

"American’s MPAP program was the only program where I could see myself being fully positioned and prepared for my career goals."

Sarah Schroeder

"I never thought going back to graduate school, the step I meant to take back in 2004 but got pushed back due to landing a dream job and adding members to my now perfectly formed family, would start with Morgan Freeman."

Online MPAP Student Testimonials

"The Introduction to the Policy Analysis Process equipped me not only with tools of the policy analysis trade, but with generally applicable problem-solving skills. "

Fletcher Smith
Staff Assistant, Department of State