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International Trade: Politics, Theory and Reality

International trade has taken quite a beating in the United States during this election cycle, with few candidates offering a positive view of U.S. trade policies such as the Trans-Pacific...

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Economics Careers Webinar with Dr. Kara Reynolds

Online MA in Economics Program Director Kara Reynolds presented on February 25, 2016 on the career outlook for graduates. She went into detail on the industries, job roles, and skills needed for...

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Translating Economics

Economists can add a lot of value to debates about policy and current events, even in areas not generally thought of as “economic.”  But to really make a difference in these debates in the...

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The Research Process: Finding the Best Data to Test Your Hypothesis

Once researchers develop a hypothesis, they face the sometimes daunting task of finding appropriate data and statistical methods to test this hypothesis.  In some cases, this might involve...

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How is Stata Used in Economics?

Stata is one of the leading and fastest growing econometric software packages on the market today.  Over the past five years, citations to Stata programs in scholarly articles indexed in Google...

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Statistical Discrimination in Foster Care Placements

Nicholas Kahn, Instructor for American University’s online MA in Economics, wrote his Ph.D. dissertation and a research paper on Measuring Racial Disparities in Foster Care Placement: A Case Study...

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Career Building Tips for Economists

Businesses and organizations are increasingly relying on economists to analyze markets and economic trends. As the demand for employees is expected to continue to grow over the next few years,...

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What are the Stages of Economic Development?

Before addressing the question of what are the stages of economic development, it is useful to focus first on the main difference between economic growth and economic development...

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What Is Applied Economics?

I am beholden to the brilliant economic theorists and econometricians who have come before me.  They spent their careers developing the core theoretical models and econometric tools that I use...

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Economic Growth and Development: Role of Intellectual Property Rights

Many people understand the importance of economic development – for alleviating poverty, raising standards of living, and supporting our social, cultural, and political infrastructure – but the...

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