Online Master of Arts in Economics Student and Alumni Testimonials

Testimonials from American University’s Master of Arts in Economics Program Graduates

American’s Master of Arts in Economics program provides aspiring leaders like you with the relevant knowledge, skills, and competencies required to compete in today’s business environment. Our program is designed to prepare you for real-world challenges.

Maxim Serezhin, AU MA in Economics Graduate

"I was fortunate to be able to found my development company, Standard Power at the same time that I entered the AU MA program with the thought that I would be able to apply the skills that I would

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James Warrick, AU MA in Economics Graduate

"The combination of the coursework, a teaching staff that was online but nonetheless accessible, interaction with fellow students, and the convenience of pursuing a lifelong dream of finishing my

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Sarah Crane, Economist at Moody’s Analytics

“One of the biggest benefits to going through a program like American’s MA in Applied Economics is that it teaches you how to analyze the world around you, how to interpret numbers, and the way

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Sydney Gourlay, Survey Specialist at The World Bank

"I sought a Master’s in Economics to shift from administrative tasks to a development research and project-based work program. Earning my MA at AU allowed me to do this immediately upon completion

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John Taylor, Expert Witness/Project Manager – Energy Regulatory and Financial Consulting

"I was very surprised at the community within the program. I really got to know my professors and fellow students well; learning outside the classroom from their experiences, perspectives, and

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Christine Higgins, Graduate Student, MA in Economics Program

"I would say the program’s biggest strength is the diversity both among the students and the staff. When you go to class at AU, you get perspectives from every walk of life. International students

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Gen Covindassamy, Economics PhD Student, American University

"I decided to attend AU because it was a policy oriented program... I also felt that Washington DC was a great location, especially in the field of economics and I knew from AU’s reputation that I

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Jennifer Baird, Manager, Policy Analysis and Legislative Research

"I think the program's biggest strength is the high caliber of professors. I had some amazing professors who challenged me and encouraged me to work hard in my courses. The small class sizes and

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