Masters in Economics: Worth It?

There are a lot of postgraduate degrees to choose from, so it makes sense that you would consider the value of each master’s degree separately before deciding which one to pursue. If you’re at the point where a Master’s in Economics seems like a possibility and you want to know if the investment is worth it, just consider the facts.

For starters, recently put out a list of the 10 best-paying master’s degrees and listed the Master’s in Economics at #4. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lends some insight into why this is the case. According to the BLS, the median annual wages for economists in the top industries are:

  • Finance and Insurance - $118,410
  • Federal Government – $110,470
  • Consulting – $105,510

This infographic gives some additional insights into the top-paying jobs with a Master’s in Economics. Keep in mind that a Master’s in Economics can be worth it for many other reasons besides being one of the best-paying postgraduate degrees. An MA in economics can also provide a pathway to careers in international development and nonprofit work. So whether you value a degree for how much money you can make or how much good you can do in the world, the Master’s in Economics fits the bill.

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Preview of infographic

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