Guide to Career Opportunities in Economics

Guide to Career Opportunities in Economics

Economics majors are successful in a wide variety of careers, and professionally trained economists are sought out by a large number of private and public employers. That's because economists are critical thinkers who are able to take theories and apply them across a broad spectrum of organizations and industries to find trends and come up with solutions to real-world social, political, and economic problems.

It’s no surprise a Master of Economics degree is considered to be one of the most valuable graduate degrees with the highest average return on investment—after all, there are limitless opportunities for economists and salaries are often well into the six figure arena. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, economists in the finance and insurance industry made an average annual wage of $118,410 in 2015. The BLS also reports that economists in the federal government earned a median salary of $110,470. However, a lot of the positions economics majors fill do not have “economist” in the job title, which means there’s an even greater number of career opportunities for men and women who study economics.

Whether you have an economics background, work as an entry-level economist, or want to chart a new career path, the Guide to Career Opportunities in Economics will help you plan out the next chapter of your life. This free guide offers an in-depth look at some of the top career paths and opportunities in the field of economics, including jobs related to economics that you can pursue with the right combination of experience and education.

Inside the Guide to Career Opportunities in Economics you’ll discover:

  • Where economists work
  • What it’s like to be an economist
  • Jobs related to economics
  • Earning potential with a master’s degree in economics

Download your free guide and get insider knowledge that can help you plan your future.

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