ECON 661: Survey of Economic Development

This course explores the conditions and experiences of developing economies as well as the policies and factors that affect their economic growth and performance. It presents a conceptual framework to help you discern the sources of successful and not-so-successful economies, as well as scrutinizes important distinctions between the global ‘North’ and the global ‘South.’ You will examine how the markets and institutions of low-income and middle-income countries operate, the sources of under-development, the barriers to economic growth, and the policies that local governments and stakeholders can pursue to help alleviate poverty and stimulate economic development.

The course will help you thoroughly understand:

  • Why certain types of nations succeed economically and why others fail
  • How economic theories learned in our Microeconomics Theory and Macroeconomics Theory courses can be applicable to explaining how economies develop and how global poverty can be combated
  • The sources of productivity growth and the causes of inequality, and what to do about them
  • National laws, regulations, policies, and international treaties that affect economic development at the macro and micro levels
  • Real-world data and tools for data management

Course Objectives:

  • Use the production function model to derive a country’s long-term growth rate and calculate it using actual data
  • Compute measures of income inequality and the poverty rate within countries and compare patterns of income distribution across countries and over time
  • Describe, distinguish, and critique the different models of economic development, and appraise the available evidence for them
  • Summarize and assess the arguments for and against foreign aid
  • Explain the impact of trade and foreign direct investment (FDI) on productivity growth and income distribution based on existing evidence
  • Evaluate whether openness to trade and FDI has been beneficial or harmful to less developed countries

This course is taught by Walter G. Park, an accomplished professor who has a Ph.D. in Economics from Yale. He has published several articles in acclaimed journals and is an Advisory Editor for Research Policy at Elsevier Science.

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