ECON 680: Economics MA Capstone Seminar

This is a cumulative course requiring you to apply the knowledge you’ve developed over the duration of the MA in Economics, Applied Economics specialization program. You will complete a project addressing a major issue in economics under close consultation with a faculty member. The structure of this course is designed to hone your skills of conducting economic analysis, and you are expected to develop a testable hypothesis about a topic of interest in economics.

You will choose the dataset and econometric model to test your hypothesis. The final product will be a formal paper and presentation on your research. Throughout the course, you will have support for your project from both your fellow classmates and one of the esteemed members of our master's in economics faculty.

In this collective course, you will:

  • Work as a learning community to improve the skills necessary to conduct original research in economics
  • Link all elements together through the completion of a semester-long research project

Course Objectives:

  • Develop a clear and specific research question to which the tools of empirical economic analysis can be applied
  • Conduct a thorough review of the economic literature associated with your question
  • Adapt an economic model for your research question
  • Develop a testable hypothesis from the model
  • Find and collect data to test your hypothesis
  • Use statistical analysis to test the hypotheses
  • Interpret the statistical analysis meaningfully
  • Offer constructive criticisms to peers
  • Orally communicate findings

Each week the capstone course focuses on different areas crucial to your overall take away from the program: literature reviews, economic models, testable hypotheses and empirical strategies.

Assistant Professor Ralph Sonenshine, teaches this course. Professor Sonenshine’s research and teaching interests include antitrust, mergers and acquisitions, international trade and finance as well as economic history.

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