Choosing a Master’s for Your Monitoring and Evaluation Job Plan

If you are planning on continuing your education for your career by getting monitoring and evaluation training and are researching paths to take, you may want to learn more about what the career outlook is for Master’s graduates, including career paths, national salary projections, and job roles in the field of monitoring and evaluation.

Our newest career guide, Why American University’s Online Master’s Degree Programs, shares detailed information and data-back stats on the benefits of a master’s program, such as opportunities for:

  • Increased pay
  • Additional job opportunities
  • Real-world applications
  • Expanded Networking
  • More credibility

American University offers a Master of Science in Measurement and Evaluation from its School of Professional and Extended Studies. The degree was developed with input from an advisoryOnline Master's Degree Programs Brochure council comprised of leading experts in project planning and evaluation who are actively employed in a range of organization and field. They reviewed competencies, standards, and trends to ensure the curriculum is relevant and applicable to the 20th century workplace. An option to start with a Certificate in Project Monitoring & Evaluation is also available, and can be applied towards the Master’s if students continue on. Monitoring and evaluation courses include topics like principles and theories of evaluation, qualitative methods, quantitative methods, evaluation approaches and designs, and emerging trends in evaluation science.

Download our guide to learn more about a Master’s from American University may be a fit for you, which includes information about:

  • National career projections, salaries and paths for roles such as an operations research analyst, logistician, and management analyst
  • Additional industries and roles, including government agencies, universities, nonprofits, corporations and businesses
  • Key skills gained in the evaluation program such as the ability to construct and assess monitoring plans and performance evaluation designs
  • How American University’s M&E program stands out

Develop the skills in project evaluation that can increase the effectiveness of interventions and maximize the impact of limited resources.

Learn more about how American University’s online monitoring and evaluation programs and advance your career. Request more information or call us toll free at 855-725-7614