Nicassia Belton

Adjunct Professorial Lecturer

Dr. Nicassia Belton serves as the Vice President of Learning, Evaluation, and Data Management at the Baltimore Children and Youth Fund (BCYF), responsible for providing direction, leadership, and management for BCYF’s youth-centered, community accountable, racially equitable evaluation, learning framework, and data strategy. She has spent over 15 years working with state and local education agencies, postsecondary institutions, and non-profits leading the work to promote the use of accountability ecosystems centered on culturally responsive and equitable evaluation and strategic research and data use to drive change to improve equity in access, opportunity, and outcomes for our children and youth. Dr. Belton’s work is squarely focused on her central belief that the easiest way to affect change is holding people and organizations to high expectations of culturally responsive behaviors and practices through the utilization of effective accountability ecosystems.

Dr. Belton received her Ed.D. in Mathematics Education and a B.S. in Mathematics with a statistics concentration from Morgan State University, and a M.S. in Mathematics with a Computational Finance specialization from Purdue University.

Her work utilizes her extensive knowledge of advanced quantitative tools, techniques, and programming to examine the influence of demographic, social, economic, and environmental factors on access, achievement and quality of life for children and youth.

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