Vicky M. Wilkins

Vicky M. Wilkins

Professor, Dean of the School of Public Affairs

Vicky M. Wilkins is the Dean for the School of Public Affairs at American University. Her primary research interests include representative bureaucracy; bureaucratic discretion; gender and race issues; deservingness; political institutions and human resource management. Her research appears in the American Political Science Review, Public Administration Review, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, Governance, Review of Public Personnel Administration, Administration & Society, Policy Studies Journal, and Legislative Studies Quarterly. Vicky earned her BS in Political Science and History from Northern Michigan University, her MS in Human Resource Management from Chapman University, and her PhD in political science from the University of Missouri.

She will be teaching PUAD-665 Managing Human Capital Assets.

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VICKY WILKINS: I think the School of Public Affairs at American University stands out and is often ranked among the best schools of Public Affairs because of the fact that we have such a active and engaged faculty. Our faculty are just as comfortable in the classroom as they are behind their desk doing research as they are downtown giving testimony to Congress.

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