MS in Measurement & Evaluation Resources

Choosing a Master’s for Your Monitoring and Evaluation Job Plan

If you are planning on continuing your education for your career by getting monitoring and evaluation training and are researching paths to take, you may want to learn more about what the career outlook is for Master’s graduates, in Read Full Article

2017 Measurement & Evaluation Webinar Series: Emerging Trends

American University’s School of Professional and Extended Studies is pleased to announce a series of Webinars with leading experts in planning, data analytics, program monitoring and evaluation in 2017 who will discuss emerging tren Read Full Article

Measurement and Evaluation Jobs Series

Measurement and evaluation are important tools in both the public and private sectors, in functional areas as diverse as business and sales, data analytics, education, social work, and international development, among others. Read Full Article

The Analytics of Measurement and Evaluation

By taking inspiration from the way corporations use business analytics to optimize their Big Data, our program measurement and evaluation processes can be greatly enhanced. Read Full Article

Measurement and Evaluation Careers in International Development

Measurement and evaluation are integral parts of my work as an international development professional. Read Full Article

Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods for Monitoring and Evaluation

As an evaluator, I am continually amazed by the level and richness of understanding that qualitative data provides. Qualitative data helps me to understand how and why projects are working, or even not working. Read Full Article

Qualitative Methods in Monitoring and Evaluation: Analyzing Qualitative Data

How evaluators analyze qualitative data largely depends on the design of their evaluations. Read Full Article

Historical Roots of Measurement and Evaluation

Measurement and evaluation derive from our interest in the study of societal problems using valid research designs that incorporate qualitative and quantitative data collection techniques. Read Full Article

MS in Measurement and Evaluation Advisory Council

The online MS in Measurement and Evaluation is taught by professionals with over 20 years of experience who remain active in the field. Read Full Article

Qualitative Methods in Monitoring and Evaluation: How to Conduct Focus Groups for Qualitative Data Collection

A focus group is a planned interview with no less than three, up to about twelve people, where the moderator encourages participants to discuss a particular topic, starting with the general and getting more specific, or focused, over... Read Full Article