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Master of Science in Nutrition Education

Help Others Make Healthier Food Choices

Issues in nutrition have never been of greater concern than they are today. Whether the discussion is about organic farming, GMO’s, nutrition labels, or our nation’s obesity epidemic and food insecurity, people crave consumer-friendly, relevant and accurate information about nutritional health and the food we eat.

With an advanced nutrition education degree, you can help combat misinformation and empower people in your community and beyond to make healthier food choices and improve their quality of life.

The online Master of Science (MS) in Nutrition Education from American University gives you the advanced knowledge and skills to turn your passion about nutrition into a life-long career helping better the lives of others.

Earn Your Degree in 20 Months!

Delivered through an innovative online platform, you’ll gain focused theoretical and practical training in the field of nutrition. Graduates of the program are able to:

  • Design and implement nutrition education programs in corporations, government organizations, schools and universities
  • Use communication strategies such as social marketing and consumer-friendly health writing to communicate to the public and advocate for nutritional health
  • Design studies and utilize research methods in order to analyze the relationship between nutrition and disease
  • Develop programming and intervention skills related to nutrition
  • Understand scientific principles of nutrition with education and program planning for improved health and nutrition behavior

Accepted applicants to the program may be eligible for the Online Merit Scholarship. Review eligibility requirements here.

Learn more about the degree at our Virtual Open House from Dr. Anastasia Snelling, Program Director and Chair of the Department of Health Studies. 

Prepare for Certification

This program provides a stepping stone to the Certified Nutrition Specialist®™ credential. Additional coursework in clinical nutrition, bio/life sciences, and biochemistry, beyond what is included in this program, as well as supervised practice experience, are necessary for CNS® eligibility.

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