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Beverly Peters

Beverly Peters
Assistant Professor

Dr. Beverly Peters has more than fifteen years of experience teaching, conducting qualitative research, and managing community development, microcredit, infrastructure, and democratization projects in several countries in Africa.

As a consultant, Dr. Peters worked on EU and USAID funded infrastructure, education, and microcredit projects in South Africa and Mozambique. She also conceptualized and developed the proposal for Darfur Peace and Development Organization’s women’s crisis center, a center that provides physical and economic assistance to women survivors of violence in the IDP camps in Darfur.

While working for the National Democratic Institute (NDI), Dr. Peters managed more than $10 million in democracy and governance programming, funded by USAID, NED, UNDP, and DFID. At NDI, she developed proposals for, managed, and evaluated elections, legislative strengthening, political party, and citizen and women’s political participation programs in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea Conakry, Guinea Bissau, and The Gambia, among other countries.

Dr. Peters is a specialist in human security in Africa and has written extensively on economic development, democratization, and HIV/AIDS. An expert on political and economic development in Zimbabwe, she has provided political analyses to the government of South Africa and the private sector, and is regularly featured in local and international media including the South African Broadcasting Corporation news, New York Times, Voice of America, and Radio France International.

Dr. Peters has a Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh, and speaks English, Spanish, and Shona.

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