Online Programs

Courtney Rockwell

Current Role: 
Registered Dietitian
Graduating Year: 
2015-01-01 00:00:00
Graduate Program: 

How has the program exceeded your expectations?

I love the fact that the program works well with my work schedule. It is beneficial to me to have classes accessible at my convenience as long as project deadlines are met. Professors have been very responsive to questions and concerns.

Has the program assisted you in your current role? What are the most valuable skills you learned?

The program has assisted me in my current role as a long term care dietitian. I feel more comfortable investigating clients’ behavior, how I can assist them with their nutrition goals, and appropriately read new literature and studies published that are tailored to my career.

Please describe an experience or two at work where you were able to apply skills from the program.

I have been able to determine the validity of nutrition studies published that influence our evidenced-based policies.

What have you gained from the communication with your peers online?

I feel more comfortable with telephone and Skype conferences. I am able to successfully meet with people in other states to complete a project. We have developed a support system for each other even if it’s via email or text message.

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