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Health Coaching: Motivating Individuals to Make a Change

As nutrition educators, is it our role to force people to change?  I encourage you to think back to a recent time when someone asked you to change.

Discerning Fact from Fiction: Food and Nutrition Myths

In today’s popular media, there is nearly a daily bombardment of nutrition information. A new fix, a new fad, a new idea to help you be the best you in no time flat!

Dr. Anastasia Snelling, Program Director, Featured in Journal of School Health

American University’s online Master of Science in Nutrition Education Program Director, Anastasia Snelling, recently was published in the Journal of School Health’s September edition for her article... Read Full Article

Online Master of Science in Nutrition Education Program Director Presents Health and Education Study At American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting

The director for American University’s online MS in Nutrition Education program presented at the 2015 American Educational Research Association meeting.

2015 Dietary Guidelines Updates

In 1979, the first Dietary Guidelines for Americans were released to provide recommendations to Americans about the link between food choices and chronic diseases.