HLTH 640: Nutrition Program Design

Nutrition Program Design introduces students to advanced principles in program planning for nutrition education activities. Building on nutrition education methods, this course emphasizes the development, implementation, and evaluation of nutrition programs to effectively reduce the risk factors associated with chronic disease and improve health.

In this course, students will:

  • Creatively design nutrition programs for health improvement of individuals and groups.
  • Apply and synthesize lessons learned from a variety of courses throughout the program of study.
  • Collaborate and investigate in an online environment.

Course objectives:

  • Identify nutrition-related health issues and concerns and be able to develop appropriate nutrition-related interventions for such issues.
  • Apply theories of behavior change to program planning, marketing, implementation, participation, and evaluation. 
  • Develop a plan for evaluating a program and provide a rationale for selected outcomes.
  • Demonstrate the differences between formative and summative evaluation and describe appropriate uses. 
  • Create a logic model for a nutrition education program and identify the purpose for each step. 
  • Examine process and impact evaluation in detail, defining when each is to be used and the purpose of use.
  • Develop program outcomes and align those outcomes with appropriate assessment methods.

Sample topics covered include:

  • Develop a Program Rational
  • Writing a Mission Statement, Goal & Objective
  • Develop a Multi-Strategy Intervention
  • Create a Process Innovation Plan 

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