MS in Measurement & Evaluation Resources

Quality Data for Monitoring and Evaluation

Data is a key component of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) work as the quality of its findings affects decision making. Read Full Article

Lessons from My First Evaluation Assignment

From expertise and organization focus to technology and finding my fit, I learned a lot from my first evaluation assignment. Read Full Article

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning in Governance

Good governance requires that citizens monitor power-holders and that power-holders evaluate whether their systems and practices produce the intended positive impact on citizens’ lives. Read Full Article

Emerging Technology Trends in M&E

Technology is playing a large role in the recent trends we are seeing in monitoring and evaluation. Read Full Article

Lessons Learned from a New Evaluation Consultant

I am used to blank stares and polite nods when strangers ask what I do for a living. “An evaluator?” they ask with a curious head tilt. Evaluation is not a commonly understood occupation. Read Full Article

Qualitative Methods in Monitoring and Evaluation: Interviewing Tips

Gathering very rich, detailed, emic data! This is the purpose of our qualitative interviews. Read Full Article

Why Measurement & Evaluation is Important Today as a Project Management Tool

As a project management tool, Measurement and Evaluation is a rapidly expanding field that has proven invaluable to any institute or organization, both public and private, government and non-government which utilizes programs and pr Read Full Article

Qualitative Methods in Monitoring and Evaluation: Ethical Considerations in Qualitative Research

Evaluators use the emic perspective, and qualitative data collection techniques, to understand the how and why around a project. Read Full Article

Qualitative Methods in Monitoring and Evaluation: Free Lists

One way to gather emic, or insider perspective, definitions of project concepts and indicators is to conduct free list interviews, wherein the evaluator asks respondents to list the terms t Read Full Article

Impactful Quantitative Analysis in Evaluation Research

Quantitative approaches can be the vehicle deploying the scientific method in evaluation research. Read Full Article