Online Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design and Learning Analytics

Enhance Organizations Through Data-Driven Instructional Design

To enhance their effectiveness and fulfill compliance requirements, organizations are increasing their investments in learning, instructional design, and talent development projects. In American University’s online Instructional Design and Learning Analytics Graduate Certificate, you will learn how to improve learning as a manager of these programs by applying and adapting proven analytic methodologies.


This 12-credit graduate certificate program, developed in consultation with an advisory council of current instructional design and talent development professionals, quickly builds your expertise in the foundations of instructional design and learning analytics.

IDLA 600: Instructional Design Principles and Practice
Learn the systems approach for instructional design, including the analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of instructional materials (ADDIE). Receive an overview of learning domains (including the affective/motivational domain), metacognition (knowing what you know, and how you learn), and evaluation levels. Although this class is strongly rooted in instructional design theory, it will provide relevant examples using real-world contexts.

IDLA 610: Adult Learning Theory
This course introduces you to the historic model of andragogy — the art and science of helping adults learn. You will analyze a variety of adult learning theories and practice applying those theories using research based models and best practices. Explore the six-core adult learning principles (the learner's need to know, the self-concept of the learner, the prior experience of the learner, the readiness to learn, the orientation to learning, and the motivation to learn). Receive an introduction to emerging trends in neuroscience and technology that are impacting adult learning.

IDLA 620: Assessment & Evaluation
Evaluation is an important yet underutilized tool in the world of training and development. The course gives you a comprehensive guide to the development and use of different methods of assessment and evaluation, as well as the legal and liability issues surrounding testing. You will become familiar with various evaluation models, application of models and evaluation outcomes, and development of evaluation and assessment tools.

IDLA 630: Learning Analytics
Learn about learning analytics and their link to business objectives and performance. Learning analytics have come front and center for many businesses because learning development and performance are now measured differently, wide and deep data is now available, and measuring workplace behavior can help increase efficiency. Discover what should be measured, alternatives to experimental designs, benchmarking, and how bringing ADDIE to the workplace can improve learning analytics.

Certificate Completion

Your coursework can be fulfilled in just six to eight months, giving you the ability to immediately apply your new instructional design and learning analytics skills in your career. This program is offered entirely online, giving you the opportunity to complete it when and where it’s most convenient for you. If you decide to pursue your Master’s in Instructional Design and Learning Analytics later, you will apply these 12 credits toward completion of the full degree.

Expand Your Future in Instructional Design

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