Online Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management

Expand Your Skillset Quickly for a Fast-Changing Field

Successfully navigate healthcare changes in organizations with the online Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management. You’ll learn to make informed decisions and improve care through your ability to evaluate and act on vast amounts of data. The certificate powers your operations in the new, values-based financial model of healthcare and integrates technology to improve processes and delivery.


The 12-credit certificate program, offered entirely online, consists of four courses designed with input from a council of expert healthcare sciences professionals who provided advice and guidance on competencies, standards, and industry trends to ensure that coursework is immediately applicable to today’s needs. The program is taught by current practitioners in healthcare management and evaluation who have decades of experience.

HCS 600: Standards & Systems in U.S. Healthcare
Learn to evaluate the U.S. healthcare delivery systems and the impact varying initiatives have on the quality, cost and access of healthcare. You’ll learn to make smart organizational decisions through your understanding of tiered services, preventative healthcare, trends in healthcare utilization, and the role of major providers and payers.

HCS 640: Evaluating New Models of Care Delivery & Payment
Maximize a successful transition to value-based healthcare when you understand how to best assess and apply varying types of care and payment models under a variety of circumstances. Learn how emergent models of care delivery and payment impacts providers and patients in terms of costs, quality and outcomes.

SPEX 660: Evaluation Sciences
Improve decisions that affect organizational qualities and efficiencies when you learn to summarize and communicate big and small data results to stakeholders. You’ll learn the necessary quantitative and qualitative tools and methods for evaluating, presenting and communicating data.

Choose one of the courses below for the fourth course in the program.

SPEX 610: Intercultural Communications for Professionals
Facilitate project integration and improve qualities when you focus on aspects of intercultural communication for technical experts and managers. You’ll improve intercultural competencies to maximize communication and minimize confusion.

SPEX 620: Professional Ethics & Project Leadership
Maximize organizational and personal success across a wide range of disciplines and fields with an advanced understanding of professional ethics and leadership. You’ll learn about the ethical issues involved in working with clients and donors, professional correspondence, and managing, monitoring, and evaluating a variety of functions.

SPEX 630: Client Communications & Professional Consulting
Facilitate project implementation and organizational communication when you gain the skills needed to collaborate with global partners and widespread teams. You’ll learn to effectively communicate with clients, internal and external customers, and members of the project team.

Certificate Completion

Coursework can be fulfilled in just six to eight months, so you can apply skills immediately and advance your career. This 12-credit certificate program is offered entirely online — complete it when and where it’s most convenient for you. If you decide to pursue the online MS in Healthcare Management at a later date, you’ll use these 12 credits towards the full degree.

To learn more about American University’s online Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management program, call 855.725.7614 to speak with an admissions representative or request more information.