Q & A with Ralph Brogden

Q & A with Ralph Brogden

Graduate Year: 2019

Q: Describe your professional background including previous degrees and current job title.
A: 25 years self-employed in marketing, media, and publishing. BS Psychology and Marketing, SUNY Empire State College

Q: What about the field of Communications is appealing to you?
A: I feel Communications has the potential to change the world for the better. What we say, and how we say it, can create a positive force for good.

Q: What motivated you to advance your education and/or career?
A: I developed a strong desire to be the best possible communicator I could be, to expand my circle of influence, and eventually teach the next generation of communication professionals.

Q: How did your job role or career path change after graduation?
A: I am still active in the marketing, media, and publishing business but I am now focused on pursuing a Fulbright scholarship and a PhD in communication to solve practical communication and social problems, such as cyberbullying, narrative persuasion, and media influence.

Q: What made you want to enroll in AU's MASC program? In your opinion, what set it apart from other institutions with similar degree programs?
A: I felt that a program located in Washington D.C., would give me access to the best, most experienced communication professionals in the world. As a strategist I also appreciated the specific focus on strategic communication.

Q: What elements of AU's MASC program had the most value to you?
A: I especially valued the diversity of my online classmates, who enriched the program with their contributions. I feel the online classroom experience, and the various teaching tools, actually helped me make deeper connections with students and faculty. I am not someone who can easily sit in a classroom and listen to a lecture. The digital media allowed me to read, study, and learn at my own pace and contributed to a richer experience.

Q: If a student were considering entering American's MASC program, and asked your opinion, what would you tell them?
A: I 100% recommend American's MASC program. The quality of the professors and students is exceptional. If you apply yourself wholeheartedly you will be rigorously challenged and you will grow personally as well as professionally in this program. I was sad to see it end, which is one reason why I'm pursuing a PhD!

Q: What about this MASC program exceeded your expectations?
A: I wondered if the professors would be as engaged and responsive to online students as they would be to offline students. The level of care, concern, and communication with me from each instructor personally exceeded my expectations.

Q: How did the online format of AU's MASC program allow you to balance various responsibilities in your life?
A: As an adult student running a full-time business, attending night class in a traditional classroom was out of the question for me. The online program was flexible but challenging, and I was able to adapt my schedule to make it work for me.

Q: How would you describe the faculty in American University's MASC program?
A: The faculty are 100% supportive and professional. I was really blown away by the conscientious care and interest they showed in me. I felt supported and encouraged every step of the way, and that support continued beyond the program.

Q: Describe how the expertise of the faculty contributed to your success in the program and/or in your career.
A: My professors took an interest in me beyond the assignments, inquired about my future endeavors, and provided valuable insights that helped me plan my academic career. With their feedback I was able to zone in on a specific area of expertise in the communication field. I feel fully prepared for taking the next step and encouraged to go as far as I can.

Q: Describe how a specific course, assignment, or instructor further inspired your passion for your career.
A: The Capstone course, for me, was when everything I had studied finally came together. Working with Dr. Carey to narrow my focus down to a particular interest and was extremely rewarding. I was able to make sense of my academic and professional career, map out my progress up to that point, and create a path for future success.

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