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American’s online Master of Arts in Strategic communication program is led by scholars and industry experts who have worked with some of the largest PR firms, government agencies, and global corporations in the world, and they bring this eclectic and valuable experience into the classroom. Students gain the advanced skills and knowledge needed to ensure that their voice is heard in a world where everyone is competing for attention.

See what current students and alumni have to say about their experience in the program.

A student learns to share compelling messages.


JUSTIN SMITH: I was initially attracted to American University because it was at the time ranked in the top 5 communication programs and master's degree programs in that country. And I realized that I loved telling stories. I love telling, you know, the good news of what they're trying to do. And so I naturally sort of gravitated into that field. I think that the master's degree program that I had here at American University really helped push me along that and cement the love that I have of telling those stories.



Online MASC Student Blog

Jackson McGehee

"Twelve months ago I was an Army Officer and participating in the first Brigade-level deployment to the Republic of Korea."

Michael Kaye

Many would say I was on a fairly stable path for success, but I knew I wanted more. Academically I felt my undergraduate degree did little to prepare me for my professional responsibilities. In the public relations field, employees can move quickly up the ladder, and I felt I was ill prepared for the strategy work that lied ahead.

Jackson McGehee

"I was nervous as I walked toward DuPont Circle. I was on my first trip to D.C. since becoming an online Master of Arts in Strategic Communication student at American University."

Sonia Pabley

"A year ago, I admit, I was pretty sheepish about my online graduate school education. Though I had done a lot of due diligence during the application process to ensure that I was enrolling in a legitimate masters program, I still felt the need to justify my decision."

Cait Dalton

"I thought I would occasionally interact with my classmates and professors, with most or all of the work being done individually. Instead, I have formed close friendships with my classmates, despite our distance and differing backgrounds, and worked closely with professors who are active and experienced in the communications industry."

Online MASC Student Testimonials

"I was itching for stimulation and wanted to get back into writing. It was nice to have a year to relax after undergrad, but I was looking for something that could really get me thinking again -- help me learn more about communication."

Joni Deutsch
Assistant Producer/Guest Host of NPR’s Mountain Stage

“The program's biggest strength is its rigorous academic program. It is a lot of work, but very rewarding when I complete an assignment. I especially like the videos from professors who have great expertise and are published authors. It is very inspiring.”

Dave Sotero
Communications Manager at LA Metro

“Each student can work at their own pace and own schedule every week, making it very flexible and doable for a full-time professional. The content and examples used in the courses has also been very valuable.”

Rachel Balsley
Marketing & Communications Associate at Virginia's Gateway Region

“The biggest strength of the program is quality of the professors. They have real work experience and real connections. It's fabulous.”

Sarah Bursey
Program Analyst/ Internal Communications at JRC Integrated Systems, Inc.

“American University offers many resources, including the Academic Support and Access Center. Counselors can help provide tips regarding work/life balance, adjusting to the online class format, and other study tips for student success.”

Benjamin Lazarus
Online MA in Strategic Communication Student