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American’s online Master of Arts in Strategic communication program is led by scholars and industry experts who have worked with some of the largest PR firms, government agencies, and global corporations in the world, and they bring this eclectic and valuable experience into the classroom. Students gain the advanced skills and knowledge needed to ensure that their voice is heard in a world where everyone is competing for attention.

See what current students and alumni have to say about their experience in the program.

A student learns to share compelling messages.


JUSTIN SMITH: I was initially attracted to American University because it was at the time ranked in the top 5 communication programs and master's degree programs in that country. And I realized that I loved telling stories. I love telling, you know, the good news of what they're trying to do. And so I naturally sort of gravitated into that field. I think that the master's degree program that I had here at American University really helped push me along that and cement the love that I have of telling those stories.



Online MASC Student Blog

Rafif Jouejati

"Combining all the new knowledge has given me a renewed sense of confidence. So guess what I did? Using everything I learned through my online coursework, I developed a solid – and successful – pitch to a book publisher."

Sarah Bursey

"I will offer another piece of advice for AU graduate students: make sure you make time for yourself."

Rachel Chernaskey

"The prestigious curriculum satisfied my desire to be challenged and receive an education worth the time, effort and money, yet the fact that I could pursue my degree on a schedule somewhat molded around my full-time job made it all possible."

Jennifer Rohrig

"When people find out I’m getting my Master’s in Strategic Communication online, one of the first questions they ask me is if I miss being in a classroom."

Rafif Jouejati

"It’s late in the work day. I have been facilitating this meeting for several hours. The participants, bridge designers and engineers, are tired. They are starting to get irritable but we are on a deadline and need to keep working."

Alexis Rickford

"When I first started my online Master’s in Strategic Communication at American University, I was just completing my Graduate Diploma at Concordia University in Montreal."

Sarah Bursey

"The application process I experienced with American University for the online Master’s in Strategic Communication was very personalized."

Emily Walsh

"Graduate school was never part of my “plan” after receiving my college diploma. However, with feelings of uncertainty about my future career path, I decided to take the leap and make graduate school part of my plan."

Jennifer Rohrig

"Pharmaceutical sales representative. Wife. Dog mom. Volunteer. Student?"

Rafif Jouejati

It’s the late 80s, and I want to go back for my graduate degree. I’m thinking I’ll go back to my alma mater, American University’s School of International Service.