Free Download: How an Advanced Degree Can Develop Your Communication Career

Free Download: How an Advanced Degree Can Develop Your Communication Career

Today, rapid transformation is the norm rather than the exception. As enterprises change to meet evolving global economic and cultural demands, communication professionals are essential strategic resources to maintain the health of that enterprise.

Skills in Demand
Organizations are looking for communications leaders who can aid them in:

  • Demonstrating new benefits, processes and ideas
  • Igniting action that drives revenue and long-term organizational growth
  • Creating corporate positions that strengthen brand acceptance
  • Managing public perceptions to mitigate damage or enhance reputation
  • Build and manage relationships through all media channels
  • Expanding their reach to a broader global audience

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, last year saw a steady rise in demand for those working in public relations and other communication fields, with job growth forecasted to increase for public relations specialists (6%) and managers (7%) in the decade from 2014 to 2024.

Free Communication Careers Guide
Download our free guide to learn more about:

  • The Role of Public Relations
  • Channels and Strategies in Public Relations
  • Integrated and Corporate Communication in Action
  • Getting Hired for a Career in Communication

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Bureau of Labor Statistics

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