3 Blogs for Communication Professionals Working in Public Relations

3 Blogs for Communication Professionals Working in Public Relations

In the world of public relations (PR), information is king. With that in mind, PR professionals are expected to stay up to date on social media trends, monitor media outlets, and know everything about their clients’ businesses. Effectively interacting with readers (as well as prospective clients and customers) requires attention to detail and an eye for the next big thing.

Staying Current in Public Relations
Most public relations jobs are fast-paced, and understandably so. If you want your organization or business to succeed, you have to be able to quickly and consistently convey the right message using the most appropriate media. The best PR professionals follow each other through newsletters, speaking engagements, and blogs – small samplings of which are mentioned below.

1. O’Dwyer’s
Blog Focus: Industry trends and statistics
Anyone looking into public relations careers has probably heard of O’Dwyer’s Magazine, a publication dedicated to PR news in various industries. O’Dwyer’s blog offers plenty of data about industry trends as well as news about specific companies. Browse through the blog and look for links to the latest news about prominent changes in personnel at top companies, as well as industry-specific news. For master’s in communication students looking for jobs with PR firms, look at O’Dwyer’s PR Firm Rankings, which it publishes yearly.
What to Check Out: PR Firm Rankings
Why: Useful when searching for public relations jobs

2. Meltwater
Blog Focus: Improvement of media intelligence
Meltwater provides readers with the latest media intelligence and advice, from content creation and distribution to using metrics to determine ROI. Meltwater is loaded with case studies, eBooks about crisis communications, and other useful content. Students seeking a master’s in communication should spend time in Meltwater’s Insights tab, which offers free guides on marketing-related topics. To download, users must provide an email address, which might lead to a follow-up message from Meltwater, which is a company that sells a platform for tracking media coverage.
What to Check Out: Meltwater Insights
Why: Extensive research on various PR subjects

3. Spin Sucks
Blog Focus: Professional development for PR pros
Spin Sucks is the brainchild of Gini Dietrich, the founder and CEO of marketing firm Arment Dietrich. Her goal is to offer PR professionals genuine and original insight (as opposed to repurposing outdated or commonplace commentary). She frequently uses her blog to critique or challenge the opinions of others in the public relations industry. However, her content does so much more than just point fingers. Dietrich offers guidance in how PR professionals can go beyond managing simple media relations and expand into creating content that genuinely steers their organization. Despite her offbeat commentary and humor, she is a proponent of her profession who offers valuable insights for both novices and seasoned professionals.
What to Check Out: Monthly Webinar
Why: Get tips from the best in the business

American University Online
Visit American University for a list of organizations for graduates of the Master of Arts in Strategic Communication program. Many of these communications-related organizations offer blogs and email newsletters, which help PR professionals stay current and connect with other PR professionals.

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