10 Communication Associations to Build Your Professional Network

10 Communication Associations to Build Your Professional Network

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports employment in the communication field is projected to grow 4% from 2014 to 2024, resulting in a boom of 27,400 new jobs. If you're pursuing an online Master of Arts in Strategic Communication degree, you're already setting yourself up for a successful career.

Did you know that employees that are hired through referrals are employed 55% faster than those who search for a job through a career site?

Even connections displayed through online career networking sites such as LinkedIn make a difference to recruiters, as U.S. News & World Report says LinkedIn Recruiter is one of the top employment trends today. Networking with others in your field before you graduate provides countless benefits beyond future referrals, including:

  • Support and advice from peers and mentors
  • Discovery opportunities for new careers
  • Resources for how to be more successful in your career, including access to events
  • Increase in leadership and communication skills and growth in confidence

Join a national communication association to build connections, sharpen your professional communication skills and stand out among the job seekers.

Best Communication Associations for Networking
Here are 10 communication associations full of supportive members that can help boost your professional network:

  1. American Communication Association
    For the technologically-minded looking to increase their agility in a world dominated by digital communication, the American Communication Association welcomes global members into the group to learn more about how evolving technologies can aid communication.
  2. American Marketing Association
    The American Marketing Association strives to provide its members a balanced delivery of both best marketing practices and new and cutting-edge initiatives to keep members up to date with the latest in their field. The group connects professional marketers with those in the academic realm to foster an environment of constant learning and development.
  3. Association for Women in Communications
    This national network for women professionals who work in communications is open to all disciplines. The Association for Women in Communications offers scholarships and support for educational research and publications, as well as provides a forum for members to learn from and interact with communications leaders.
  4. Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management
    With a goal to raise professional public relations standards on a worldwide scale, the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management seeks to uphold universal public relations principles and embrace the diverse innovation a worldwide membership offers.
  5. International Association of Business Communicators
    With many members from Global Fortune 500 businesses, the International Association of Business Communicators is for professionals who work in business communications. Members have access to a resource library, an online magazine, education, certification and an annual world conference.
  6. International Communication Association
    Everything related to communication is covered in the International Communication Association (ICA), which is an academic association for those interested in the application of all aspects of communication. The organization is a non-governmental association recognized by the United Nations.
  7. International Public Relations Association
    The International Public Relations Association represents individual public relations professionals in established and emerging countries. The organization hosts, participates in and endorses public relations conferences and events around the globe.
  8. National Communication Association
    Dedicated to supporting the research and teaching of communication principles, the National Communication Association promotes ethical communication and the importance of competent communication to improve humanity.
  9. Public Relations Society of America
    The Public Relations Society of America is the world's largest organization of public relations professionals. The society includes programs highlighting professional development and has more than 22,000 members, as well as 10,000 university members in the Public Relations Student Society of America.
  10. Social Media Association
    As social media transforms communication and marketing for both brands and consumers, the Social Media Association helps members navigate the evolution of this dynamic form of communication. Events and a regularly updated blog with social media news always give members something new to discover.

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