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Wendy Melillo

Wendy Melillo
Associate Professor

Wendy Melillo is a full-time professor of Public Communication. She teaches in the School of Communication's Strategic Communication division. Her research is focused on public service advertising. Wendy was a reporter for The Washington Post, earning a Pulitzer Prize nomination and an award from the White House Correspondents' Association for her coverage of the United Way scandal. She spent nearly a decade covering political advertising and strategic communication planning for the business publication Adweek before joining the School of Communication.

Her first book was recently published, How McGruff and the Crying Indian Changed America. The book discusses the compelling, and sometimes controversial, story of the Ad Council and the campaigns that have become part of the nation’s collective memory.

Wendy holds a BA in Print Journalism/International Relations from American University; a MA in History of Ideas from Johns Hopkins University; and a MA in International Communications from American University.

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