COMM 644: Writing for Strategic Communication

Any communications professional will tell you that good writing is the most important quality you can possess. Being able to produce quality writing—writing that can tell a story, be perceived as newsworthy, is jargon-free and grammatically correct—is the key to a future in PR and communications.

This course explores the relationship between audience, message structure, and medium through exercises in strategic writing and the development of a professional writing portfolio. Students develop skills in drafting, editing, and polishing strategic communication, including plans, news releases, speeches, social media, opinion pieces, short video treatments, and scripts. These skills will be beneficial when pursuing a career in strategic communication.

In this course you will:

  • explore different writing styles across corporate communication, media communication, crisis communication, and social media
  • use different writing tools to develop your skills
  • write clearly, concisely, and strategically in a range of media formats
  • learn to present confidently and persuasively
  • develop a comprehensive body of work for your PR portfolio

Within the course, you learn to identify key messages in a news pitch, write compelling headlines, and examine and optimize content for social media. Classroom assignments include developing a strategic media plan and writing and a delivering a campaign pitch.

In this course you will participate in a crisis communication simulation, examine a case study, and evaluate a company’s online presence and visual elements to create better brand communications.

Online discussions and collaboration are a major component of this course and simulate face-to-face interaction. Posts in the online format are required and graded, and different discussion topics will be posted each week.

Course objectives:

  • draft public relations materials on varying topics that are stylistically and grammatically correct
  • understand how to strategically plan the implementation and distribution of public relations materials to achieve objectives
  • identify news hooks and incorporate those ideas to generate news coverage
  • develop a comprehensive body of work for your PR portfolio

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