COMM 608: Social Media Strategies and Tactics

Social media has significantly changed the public relations industry and the way organizations engage with core audiences. Social media, however, is not just another step to add to a campaign checklist. It is a dynamic communication tool that has the power to transform an organization’s communication strategy. PR professionals need to think strategically about which platforms provide the best connection for honest, authentic, candid two-way communication.

This course explores how organizations can employ digital strategic communications in their public relations outreach. It examines search engine marketing, mobile communications, and viral campaigns, and features case studies, use of social media tools, and lectures led by experts in various fields.

Understanding how social media has changed the approach to communication strategy—by bringing conversation into real time—will allow students to better plan for more successful campaigns. A key lesson examined in the course is how to build and manage your online identity and reputation.


Upon completion of the course, you will:

  • Explore mainstream social media channels and appropriate uses in relationship to target audiences
  • Think strategically about which platforms are the best to communicate with various target audiences
  • Study the nature of social media within the strategic communication plan

You’ll also get hands-on experience with each social media platform, setting up accounts and exploring communication strategies. For example, one course activity involves selecting a brand and analyzing its Facebook page to learn more about how the page aligns with the brand goals.


  • Learn how organizations effectively use social media tools such as “the Big 4”—Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn—to reach their communication goals
  • Understand how digital communications strategies interact with more traditional methods and how to successfully integrate them to benefit overall goals
  • Learn how to evaluate the success of social media and what metrics to consider for evaluation
  • Plan a digital communications strategy for an organization
  • Improve social media writing and presentation skills


  • Drafting the perfect email subject line
  • Developing a comprehensive approach to Twitter
  • Exploring virality on YouTube
  • Creating social media guidelines for a fictional hotel brand
  • Creating a strategic digital communication plan

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