COMM 640: Principles of Strategic Communication

In this introductory course you will build a foundational understanding of strategic communication. You will examine communication campaigns, public opinion, the media, the role of research, audience identification, message development, communicating to various audiences, and the ethics of persuasion. You will also explore the role of strategic communication in society, politics, culture, business, and other institutions.

In the course you will use real-world case studies to learn to stand out in the marketplace by examining campaigns from successful corporations such as Pepsi, McDonald’s, and Snapple. From established brands to new products and services, this course will equip you to develop, manage, implement, and evaluate strategic communication initiatives.

In-depth coursework focuses on mastering the six steps of building a public relations campaign:

  1. defining goals and objectives
  2. determining target audience
  3. developing key messages for each audience
  4. crafting a plan
  5. creating a schedule and budget
  6. measuring results

Once you’ve learned the fundamentals of a PR plan and explored case study examples, you will put your skills to work developing your own strategic communication campaign.

Course objectives:

  • explain and apply strategic communication principles, concepts, and strategies across multiple contexts
  • define, describe, and implement the key components of a communication plan
  • evaluate the relationship between strategic communication and media, including social media
  • develop communication strategies to help achieve goals, including problem solving, image building, and developing and launching a new product or service
  • determine appropriate strategic communication strategies given budget restrictions, personnel, and project deadlines

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