COMM 646: Strategic Communication Practicum

This course applies the principles and skills from each of the strategic public communication courses to develop a practical case study. In this culminating skills component of the graduate program, you will produce a professional portfolio for a client that may include media promotional items; broadcast applications; direct mail and web-based products; content for newspapers, newsletters, and magazines; and other communication products.

In this course you will:

  • learn the proper structure to develop a strategic communication plan, presentation, and supporting materials
  • apply everything you’ve learned by choosing a client and designing a strategic communication plan
  • pitch your comprehensive plan to the client

This course enables you to create a major research project for a real client in the communication industry from start to finish. You will begin by selecting a client to work with and then complete a series of milestone deliverables that represent component parts of a final report/presentation.

Activities include conducting a brainstorming session and creating a formal presentation with collateral materials. Assignments include performing a SWOT analysis, creating target audience profiles, drafting corresponding message maps, and creating a timeline, budget, and evaluation.

Interact with client representatives as you complete each milestone deliverable and receive formative feedback from the instructor. The course concludes with a presentation to the client. The entire experience will reflect the types of activities, interactions, conversations, and tasks that communication professionals encounter in the field.

Course objectives:

  • work with a client to develop a strategic public relations plan
  • draft various public relations materials that are stylistically and grammatically correct
  • become adept at researching and identifying news hooks and incorporating those ideas into materials to achieve objectives
  • create a comprehensive body of work for a public relations portfolio

Click here for the official course description from the American University Catalog

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