COMM 642: Strategic Communication Management

As a professional in the public communication field, you will likely hold a management position or any other similar career in strategic communication. You will manage projects, people, clients, agencies, issues, and information. You will advise senior management and may even be an integral part of that senior leadership structure. Being prepared to take on these management functions is crucial to your ability to be an effective communication professional, whether you work for a small firm or a large one, for a business or a non-profit.

In this course you will:

  • develop an understanding of practical management and leadership practices in the field of communication
  • develop an understanding of theoretical management and leadership practices in the field of communication

Provides hands-on experience for leading a team remotely to plan and manage public relations and communications projects. It examines the structure of public communication organizations, and the management of resources to accomplish the PR functions. Students will study planning, the use of human resources, organizing programs and projects, budgeting, research and evaluation, and the implementation of management objectives. Emphasis is placed on developing the skills and ability to effectively manage public relations activities.

Course objectives:

  • understand how to manage and know one’s own management style
  • explore the role of leadership in an organization
  • understand management principles and how they relate to marketing communications
  • be versed in management trends
  • comprehend and develop skills for time management, financial and resource management

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