COMM 649: International Strategic Communication

Public communication is becoming global public communication. Technology has blurred the line between “domestic” and “foreign.” Yet, often when communicators try to implement programs on a global scale, the program goes nowhere or, worse, backfires. Technology may be global, but the people using the technology tend to be rooted in local cultural and political realities.

Globalization has created an opportunity and a necessity for international PR programs, one of the fastest-growing areas in the public relations field. In this new field, practitioners must gain expertise in cultural sensitivity, knowledge of business cultures, and realistic expectations.

In this course you will:

  • gain exposure to the global connectivity and interactivity of strategic communication
  • study the implications and applications of public relations on a global level
  • learn the public relations practices that work in various countries and why
  • take a global tour of the varied communication styles of other countries
  • examine the hidden role of culture in shaping communication styles and public exploitations
  • learn about the major areas of international public communication: corporate, social, and political
  • pick a country and act as a resident expert and ambassador in a hands-on project, including the design of a communication plan based on current events

Class activities are centered on selecting an adopted home country and exploring how the distinct aspects of that country manifest themselves in national symbols and other visual representations. You will analyze the cultural features of corporate websites and social communication of both your home country and another country to design a campaign.

Course objectives:

  • gain a broad overview of the diverse perspectives and approaches to international public communication
  • become acquainted with prominent scholars and ideas that shape the field
  • understand the different aspects and contributions of corporate, social, and political public communication
  • develop cultural analytical and listening skills
  • tap into cultural knowledge, sensitivity, and creativity to develop a public communication strategy
  • delve into diverse challenges to apply your knowledge through in-class simulation exercises, as well as analytical and cultural assessment papers outside class

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