COMM 641: Crisis Communication

There is a good chance that one will endure a major crisis over the course of one’s career that will require highly efficient use of communication. Therefore, this course will provide the necessary knowledge of preventing crises through pro-active communication and effective crisis communication management.

In this course you will:

  • understand the role of theory in risk communication, issue management, crisis communication, and image repair discourse
  • think strategically about the role of digital media in crisis communication
  • gain appreciation for the value of preparing for a crisis
  • be provided opportunities for collaboration, problem solving, and team learning through in-class simulations
  • explore the relationship between crisis communication managers and the media during crises
  • take into account the legal and ethical issues that often arrive for crisis communication managers

In this course you will develop the theoretical knowledge of risk communication, issue management, crisis communication, and image repair discourse. Best practices and worst practices are learned through discussing a variety of real life case studies. Additionally, you will learn how to communicate through a digital framework with impact, under pressure, and on-camera.

Course objectives:

  • create a crisis communication plan that you can implement in a professional organization
  • successfully execute effective crisis communication strategies and tactics in a campaign
  • apply risk communication, issue management, crisis communication, and image repair theories to practical crisis communication campaigns
  • analyze the relationship between social media and crisis communication practitioners as they communicate with their publics
  • critically examine crisis communication case studies and be able to recognize effective and non-effective crisis management principles
  • learn how to best communicate messages to multiple targeted audiences in various formats and platforms
  • learn how qualitative and quantitative research can be effective tools in shaping public opinion during a crisis

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