COMM 744: Strategic Communication Capstone

The capstone project explores learnings about the processes and effects of public communication by developing and supporting a thesis statement, advancing an idea, researching, and writing or creating a final product.

In this course you will:

  • be provided a broad overview of the diverse research perspectives and approaches to public communication
  • design and develop a research study/project
  • be introduced to the craft and method of conducting research
  • improve understanding of the different aspects of designing and writing research projects
  • develop critical thinking and analytical skills – how to assess the value and strength of ideas
  • develop peer review and evaluation skills – how to help others develop their writing presentation

The capstone project is one of the major requirements for the Master’s degree in Strategic Communications. The mission of this course is to help develop, complete, and submit a capstone project. The final project is the demonstration of competence as professionals, scholars, researchers, and writers. In addition to the faculty supervisor for this seminar, students are encouraged to take advantage of the research opportunities from other Universities and Washington, D.C. resources. Students are also encouraged to consult with other Strategic Communication or School of Communication faculty members who have expertise in the specific study areas.

Course objectives:

  • you will have an ability to design, develop and successfully execute a research or professional study
  • you will have the analytical skills to spot the different components of a research study and identify the strong and weak links
  • you will have a stronger sense of how to provide positive and effective peer feedback that can help others develop their ideas and writing
  • you will have a mastery of long-distance scholarly writing

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