Online Graduate Certificate in Agile Project Management

Learn the Agile Approach to Complex Projects

Agile is an established project management methodology used to cope with change and uncertainty. It is increasingly popular in product development and project management across many industry sectors to enhance organizational effectiveness. American University’s online Agile Project Management Graduate Certificate will build the essential foundation you need to effectively employ this incremental, collaborative method for managing projects and leading and empowering teams.


This 12-credit certificate program, designed with input from leading IT and project management professionals, is designed to quickly build essential skills and critical knowledge in Agile project management.

APM 600: Intro to Adaptive Project Management
Learn the concepts, principles and methods of the foundations of all project management and development. You will examine traditional, agile and adaptive styles of management. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of Agile development, including variants such as Scrum, and learn how to apply best practices from various methodologies to organize and lead an Agile team. A particular emphasis is adaptive project management, which is based on Agile principles but blends traditional methods as needed for certain environments and management needs.

APM 610: Information Technologies and Organizations
The Agile manifesto by distinguished software engineers and architect has impacted project delivery, integration, and infrastructure while emphasizing iterative development and delivery of value-added code in new and meaningful ways for teams. This course examines IT governance, finance, portfolio management, team designs, metrics, and culture. You’ll look at the organization’s ability to respond to changing market conditions, customer needs, and emerging software trends as projects move through the lifecycle. Through case studies and problem-based learning, you will examine project and program governance and financial management as well as the influence and impact of systems architecture and organizational culture.

APM 620: Agile, DevOps and Risk Assessment
In this course, you will focus on the elements of Agile that are relevant to risk assessment and management. This includes: requirements gathering and estimation (“story” writing and “sizing”), contracting (team total and iteration “backlogs”), cost accounting (time and task recording) and the handling of operational and capital expenditure, ROI, financial decision-making, the impact of budgetary practices, and financial uncertainty. You will also be introduced to DevOps and learn the importance of the relationship and communication between Development and Operations.

APM 630: Advanced Agile Methodologies
Agile is an established methodology used to cope with change and uncertainty. It has proven popular in product development and project management across a wide range of sectors. In this course, you will examine the role of the “project manager” in Agile as well as the similarities and differences between Agile and Six Sigma and Lean practices. Take a deep look at Total Quality Management and the characteristics of the Principles of Systems Thinking. Finally, explore in-depth Agile metrics and different approaches to testing and problem solving.

Certificate Completion

Your coursework can be fulfilled in just six to eight months, giving you the ability to apply your new Agile project management skills in your career. This program is offered entirely online, giving you the opportunity to complete it when and where it’s most convenient for you. If you decide to pursue your MS in Agile Project Management later, you will apply these 12 credits toward completion of the full degree.

Lead Effective Projects Using the Agile Method

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