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5 Ways Public Service has Transformed International Development

All over the world, people are suffering in unimaginable ways. Public service organization USAID estimates that 53 million people worldwide are in desperate need of food assistance.

The Evolution of Public Policy

Public policy can change the future of almost anything, even great wars. The participation of the United States in World War I and World War II reflected a dramatic shift in U.S. public policy, showing an expansion of U.S.

If You Want To Avoid Being Sued…

If you want to avoid being sued—and who doesn't—Legal Issues in Public Administration develops an applied understanding of how to manage public programs and to design and implement public policy within the framework of U.S.

Between Public Policy and Public Administration: The Relationship Matters More Than the Differences

As a young adult with a budding interest in political science and public issues, I was astounded to hear about people whose entire careers were dedicated to studying public management and administration, otherwise known as... Read Full Article

Why Public Service Matters and What It Means For You

This page contains excerpts from an article that Robert Durant, Professor Emeritus at American University, recently wrote for The Public Purpose Journal.

American University’s School of Public Affairs Named a Top Institution

Washington D.C. master's programs garner impressive accolades.