Quentin Brummet

Quentin Brummet
Adjunct Professorial Lecturer

Quentin Brummet is currently an Adjunct Professorial Lecturer at American University and an Economist in the Center for Administrative Records Research and Applications at the U.S. Census Bureau. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from Michigan State University, where he was an Institute of Education Sciences’ pre-doctoral fellow.

His research investigates questions in the economics of education and urban economics, ranging from topics such as school closings, school entry age, and teacher labor markets to low-income housing construction and neighborhood mobility. This research has earned him honorable mention for both the Association for Education Finance and Policy New Scholars Award and W.E. Upjohn Institute Dissertation Award.

Dr. Brummet is the Instructor for the MPAP program Public Managerial Economics course in the School of Public Affairs as well as Educational Finance in the School of Education, Teaching, and Health. In addition to his Ph.D. from Michigan State University, he holds an M.A. in Economics from Michigan State University and a B.A. in Mathematics and Economics from Illinois Wesleyan University.

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