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Jean Accius

Jean Accius
Adjunct Professorial Lecturer

Dr. Jean Accius is a nationally recognized expert on aging policy, livable communities and long-term services and supports (LTSS). He currently serves as the Vice President of the Long-Term Services & Supports and Livable Communities Group within the AARP Public Policy Institute. In this role, he provides strategic direction, thought leadership and technical expertise in leading a team at the forefront of developing innovative policy solutions for livable communities as well as the effective delivery and financing of LTSS. Dr. Accius brings a wealth of experience to his current work, having served in positions across the private, public and nonprofit sectors to advance the issues and interests of older adults. At the state level, Dr. Accius served as a Senior Program lead within the Florida Department of Elder Affairs for the Ambassadors for Aging program. Under his leadership, he developed innovative tools that raised awareness and sparked discussions regarding the social, economic and political contributions of older Floridians to address the state’s fiscal and social challenges. At the federal level, he worked as a Senior Policy Advisor within the Disabled and Elderly Health Programs Group at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (Department of Health & Human Services). In that role, he implemented, directed and monitored multimillion-dollar grant programs and projects designed to support and improve the delivery of LTSS at the state level. Dr. Accius has authored numerous reports and a range of articles and blogs that have garnered immense attention from the policy community, practitioners in the field and the media. Several of his groundbreaking reports and blogs have been cited in various prominent media outlets, including the Congressional Quarterly’s online arm and the Huffington Post. Dr. Accius has been quoted in both national and specialized media, print and digital. Dr. Accius sits on the Editorial Advisory Committee for Generations, the journal for the American Society on Aging, and the Mission and Population Board Committee of the Holy Cross Health hospital system. He is an elected member of the National Academy of Social Insurance and serves on the boards of Justice in Aging, the American Society on Aging, Leadership Maryland and the Florida State University Alumni Association.

Dr. Accius will be teaching Leadership in a Changing Workplace.


Dr. Accius holds a master's degree in aging studies from the Claude Pepper Institute at Florida State University, and a Ph.D. in Public Administration from American University.

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JEAN C. ACCIUS: I love the idea of the online environment because it brings together students from all walks of life and, frankly, from different geographic areas, all with a commonality to better themselves through this program. I also appreciate the diversity of experience, the diversity of professions, and the diversity of ideas. And I think that this online environment brings that.

And what we try to foster through the online program is actually those ideas is not just what's in the reading materials, but how does the reading materials apply to your everyday life. And also, what have you learned from your everyday experiences that could help inform what we've learned in class?

And there will be times where there might be alignment. And there'll be times where there might not be. And I think we need to explore that because it's not theoretical, it is sure not abstract because this actually impacts people's productivity on a day to day basis. For me, as someone who leads a team, I've always said this and that is that I want you to walk in the door in the morning with an attitude that you are actually making a difference or that you can make a difference and to the extent to which we can foster that environment that's better off.

And what I love about that aspect is the fact that I see that also with our online environment is the conversations, where people are posting relevant articles that has to do with the conversation or the discussion that we're having, where they may have seen something on TV. And they're excited about that. So how do we create that excitement and foster that? And I think that an online environment, because you have a diversity of ideas, a diversity of professions, diversity of experiences brings that all together in a very significant way.


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